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?Exclusive ENERMAX LIGHTING LED Technology
?ENERMAX Vegas lighting effects with 6 LED modes
?Toolless design for hassle-free installation

Ostrog ADV, a mid-tower case, is featuring ENERMAX LIGHTING LED Technology. It is the world first computer chassis with LED light strips in the front and on the top panels of which lighting modes are also in sync with the 2 pre-installed ENERMAX Vegas fans. For those who pursue stunning gaming cases, Ostrog ADV is your LED lighting fortress.

 ENERMAX LIGHTING LED Technology + Innovative Nano Diffusant provide consistent and uniform luminance




 ENERMAX LIGHTING LED Technology strips synchronize with 2 x ENERMAX Vegas LED fans pre-installed to create a stunning lighting show with 6 LED modes 
 Complete I/O with 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0 offers high transfer speed to your peripherals


 Integrated fan speed controller connects to 3 fans which allows you to decide the perfect balance between noise/performance 




Quick-release panels for easy fan/radiator installation and maintenance
*Do not open the panels when the PC is on



 Screwless ODD kits and SSD/HDD trays make the installation a snap




Fully meshed panels for ideal cooling performance 



 Support 280/240mm liquid cooler on top (60mm clearance)




Removable HDD cage for flexible system configuration 



  Dust free protection throughout the case to keep your system cool while staying clean




Large acrylic side panel to showcase your internal rigs 


 Extruded panels provide easy cable management and sturdy structure (Total 20mm clearance)




Rubber grommets provide extra protection for cables and water cooling tubes 



  Color mesh slot covers offer better ventilation


Advanced cooling system
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