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?Exclusive ENERMAX LED LIGHTING Technology
?3x ENERMAX T.B. RGB Fans Included
?Massive Cooling Potential with 4x Designated Places for Flexible Liquid Cooler Installation
?Defaulted Acrylic Front Panel and Additional Meshed Front Panel

SABERAY, a high-end RGB-sync gaming chassis, applies ENERMAX LED LIGHTING technology to deliver incredibly bright and even RGB lighting. The combination of RGB strips and 3x pre-installed ENERMAX T.B. RGB fans can offer up to 1280x RGB lighting effects. Furthermore, this RGB gaming castle supports 4x designated locations for liquid coolers or 9x locations for fans, giving enthusiasts and hardcore gamers great flexibility in liquid cooling configuration.

  ENERMAX LED LIGHTING Technology + Innovative Nano Diffusant provide consistent and uniform luminance 
 Incredibly bright and even lighting Uneven lighting with visible spots 


3x pre-installed ENERMAX T.B. RGB fans with Patented Twister Bearing technology
 With the patented Twister Bearing technology, the T.B. RGB fan provides beautiful lighting effects and offers superior silent performance



Support RGB-sync with motherboards
 Certified by ASRock, ASUS, GIGABYTE and MSI for RGB synchronization




Amazing 1280x lighting effects
 Saberay provides users with 5x modes and 256x colors to create the preferred lighting effects via the built-in controller



Integrated control hub
 For those who do not use the RGB-sync motherboards, the integrated control hub allows users to keep 5x RGB devices’ lighting in sync; furthermore, the hub can also control the speed of the 6x fans together




Unique quick-release design
 The tool-less panels facilitate the system installation and maintenance



Designed with both aesthetics and ventilation in mind
 Two premium tool-less front panels included
? Glossy, full-view acrylic panel displays vivid lighting effects
? Meshed panel provides better ventilation




4mm panoramic tempered glass window
 The 4mm panoramic tempered glass window allows you to show off your rigs



Anti-dust rubber plugs 

Solid structure with ample space
 Constructed of 0.8 mm sturdy steel, SABERAY offers spacious interior design for large, high-end components




Extensive cooling potential
 Flexible cooling system configuration supports 4x designated locations for liquid cooler installation
Liquid Cooler Compatibility Chart
Radiator size (mm)360280240140120
Front? ? ?
Rear   ??
Side  ? ?
Advanced ventilation system to support a maximum of up to 9x fans 

Flexible system configuration 
 Supports up to 1x 5.25’’ ODD, 2x 3.5” HDD, and 6x 2.5 SSD/HDD (2x Converted from 3.5” tray) to satisfy your storage needs 

Support long VGA cards and tall CPU cooler


PSU-Tunnel design (aka PSU shroud)
 The design minimizes the cable clutter, which makes the system clean and neat, and helps improve the air circulation



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