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?Mysterious Galaxy Front Panel Design with Addressable RGB Strips
?Support Addressable RGB Lighting Synchronization
?Integrated Hub for 6x Addressable RGB Devices

Leonids LN30, a mid-tower gaming case, supports addressable RGB lighting synchronization with RGB-ready motherboards. The gaming case comes with hub-lighting fan and vivid front/side lighting strips for appealing RGB lighting. The integrated hub attached on Leonids LN30 enables users to control 6x addressable RGB devices’ lighting in sync through motherboard software or the control button on the chassis. Leonids LN30 further has some user friendly design to make the system build easier including detachable PSU side cover and removable HDD cage. Leonids LN30 supports 360/280/240mm radiators and offers ample space for mid-range gaming rigs.


Addressable RGB lighting 

Leonids LN30 features a unique lighting strip in the front panel to deliver meteoric lighting effects with 16.8 million color options.It also comes with 1x lighting strip at the side and 1x hub-lighting addressable RGB fan at the rear to light up your rig

2 ways to control addressable RGB lighting effects
Through Motherboard Software Through Computer Case
Users can sync the RGB lighting with motherboards featuring addressable RGB headers(4 pin assignment : 5V/D/-/G) Users can use the *lighting control button to adjust preferred lighting effects (13 pre-set lighting effects: Rainbow, Snake, Peach & Green scroll, Colors breathe, Colors scroll, Bilateral colors scroll, Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Azure, and Peach.)

* Long press the lighting control button for 2~3 seconds to switch the RGB sync controlled by M/B or case
* The reset button located on the front I/O panel is replaced by the lighting control button

Integrated hub
 For those who do not use the RGB-sync motherboards, the integrated hub allows users to keep 6x addressable RGB devices’ lighting in sync



Versatile water cooling options

Flexible cooling system configuration supports 3x designated areas for liquid cooler installation

Liquid Cooler Compatibility Chart
Radiator size (mm)360280240140120
Top ????
Rear    ?
Removable HDD cage
 Removable HDD cage creates the flexible space for PSU cable routing


Advanced cooling system 

Flexible system configuration
Detachable PSU side cover
 PSU-Tunnel design with detachable PSU side cover not only provides easy installation but also makes the system clean and neat
4mm panoramic tempered glass window
 4mm full-view tempered glass side panel allows you to show off your rigs




Anti-dust rubber plugs




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